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TREATMENT Eyes: Immediately flush eyes with large amounts of water for 15 minutes, lifting lower and upper lids. Synonym. It is mildly built, and tends to run hot, especially on a hot day in So Cal freeway traffic, and tends to run through coolant/antifreeze, some by evaporation, some because the overflow bottle would overflow after I drove the car hard, and parked it prior to the car cooling down. MSDS information can be obtained via the relevant part number. Whether you’re running an auto repair shop or a DIY auto enthusiast, PEAK Auto has the equipment and fluid for the DIY person to perform this maintenance. 3. 10 Mar 2015 Heavy Duty Engine Coolant. Typically, the mix is an equal 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze, and you can mix it manually or purchase it premixed. Code. SSR Ultra Coolant synthetic coolant is specifically formulated for use in Ingersoll-Rand Rotary Air Compressors. 2. Mixture ingredients affecting the classification: ethylene glycol. It contains a proprietary formulation of premium corrosion inhibitors that provide extended protection against rust, corrosion and pitting caused by cavitation for all coolant system metals. Call 562 246 0949 - Kool Mist manufactures portable spray mist cooling systems ideal for Mill Coolant, Flood Cooling tool Coolant, Lathe Coolant, Machining Coolant, and mill coolant for parts made from metal, wood, plastic and fiberglass. Identification. COOLANT. I used Sierra antifreeze/coolant for several years in my 65 Mustang. Swallowing this material may be harmful  A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)/Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is designed to provide Industrial Supreme Aluminum Protecting Antifreeze Coolant (043809) This is required in order to view our MSDS sheets. HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS:None of the ingredients in SSR Ultra Coolant have been listed MSDS Number: R0311762 NAPA® ANTIFREEZE COOLANT NP001 Version: 2. TURBO POWER ALL SEASON Antifreeze/Coolant. HAZARD IDENTIFICATION GHS classification of the substance/mixture You MUST dilute the coolant using DISTILLED water to a 50/50 concentration. It is a heavy-duty engine coolant formulated with a special organic formulation additive system. 1. Last Updated: May, 2016. The transparent biostable formula offers extended sump life, reduced coolant consumption and minimal waste. SAFETY DATA SHEET Revision Date: 05/19/2017 Print Date: 6/2/2017 SDS Number: 000000139197 Zerex™ ORIGINAL FORMULA Antifreeze Coolant ZX001 Version: 1. Relevant identified uses: engine coolant. com. Order your Antifreeze, Radiator Additives and Windshield Wash Fluid online at AutoZone. Fire Extinguishers. S. ISSUED Date: 20/11/2014. Make all the necessary arrangement in order to reduce exposure risk, notably to products in use or to wastes. Store in cool, dry place in tightly closed containers. Supersedes: February 12, 2013  28 May 2015 MSDS: Pride 1000 Antifreeze/Coolant. Coastline Chemical Inc. On the lookout for car engine coolant? Visit Halfords and stock up! Click here to buy coolant and antifreeze online, or click and collect in store today. You can also find this link at the bottom of every page on Prestone’s website. Fuel Oil Cleaner. Version: 3. United States  This law also requires U. Other Names Name Product Code G LYC OO L( R) 350 AC D ELC O ALL SE ASONS ANTI FRE EZ E C OO LANT INHI BI TO R COOLANT L/LIFE COOLANT ENG COOLANT 1 LTR Toyota Anti Bol Ani ti Freeze 2. Company. Ingestion of medications contaminated with diethylene glycol has caused kidney failure and death in humans. This keeps the engine from overheating and prevents fluid inside the engine from freezing in the cold. MSDS No. Online Leading Giant provides the best products at the right prices. W1002W. V. Tap water varies in pH, mineral, and chemical content and depending on these factors can adversely affect your new coolant and the cooling system. MSDS Number Colombia 33059 Delo® ELC Antifreeze/Coolant - Concentrate Product Number 227811 SDS Number USA 10673 MSDS Number Colombia 33053 Delo ELC Antifreeze/Coolant - Premixed 50/50 Product Number 275111 SDS Number USA 23721 Delo ELC Antifreeze/Coolant - Premixed 60/40 Product Number 227025 SDS Number USA 38110 Delo FleetFix® CME TYPICAL Product use Coolant and lubricant in metal removal The information herein is given in good faith and believed current as of the date of this MSDS. P-131 RADIATOR COOLANT. ACDelco Antifreeze coolant. SDS ID: SDS148. 4 Applications: Engine Coolant/Antifreeze. Safety Data Sheet. KM319060C. S56 Dispose of this material and its container to hazardous or special waste collection point. It is our answer to the maintenance demands of heavy duty diesel cooling systems. P/N: 24060. This site provides public access to information on chemical aftermarket products. FIRST AID MEASURES Inhalation: If irritation, headache, nausea, or drowsiness occurs remove to fresh air. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Old World Industries, LLC 4065 Commercial Ave. Fuel Additives. No. Supplier/Manufacturer. 10. If you are a manager you need an MSDS sheet that will protect you and your employees from hazards and that will qualify as valid during government inspections. Diesel Coolant HD-50 is a premium quality, heavy-duty diesel premixed coolant. Because Shop the AMSOIL online store for high performance coolant products. SECTION 1:  Section I. employers to have a MSDS in the workplace for each Antifreeze - Motul - Inugel Optimal Ultra, 3374650 006369, 3374650 006376. ACCESS OUR (M)SDS HERE PRIVATE BRAND OWNER LOGIN (NEW User name and password required) Contact your Recochem Sales Representative Evans Powersports Coolant. ES COMPLEAT COOLANT EG PREMIX (ETHYLENE GLYCOL BASED COOLANT) MSDS No. Welding Torch - Coolant. WARNING: HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED. Meeting or exceeding industry standards, OEM antifreeze/coolant is guaranteed to last for up to 150,000 miles or 5 years. KMAS11-KMAS12. or. : : : : KMK Regulatory Services Inc. Failing to monitor antifreeze and coolant levels can result in heads warping, blown gaskets, and engine failure. In compliance with Regulation ( EC) No. PEAK Antifreeze 3 4. Hangsterfer’s cutting oils are recognized by Swiss-Style screw machine manufacturers around the world, and Hangsterfer’s Next Generation® (Hard-Cut ® NG) Series is formulated with the industry’s safest extreme pressure additives. All our SDS sheets are held in a database, which you can access using this link. a-2. 12/15/2010. Winter Plus. Mobil Delvac Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze is a phosphate-free, silicate-free, nitrite-free and borate-free ethylene glycol base coolant that is designed to provide exceptional wet sleeve liner cavitation and corrosion protection of all cooling system metals. Revlogi Materials. USA. 77, No. Product Number 227808 SDS Number USA 10652 MSDS Number Colombia 33059 Delo® ELC Antifreeze/Coolant - Concentrate Product Number 227811 SDS Number USA K000 Universal Multi-Purpose Antifreeze and Engine Coolant Special protective equipment for fire-fighters Wear full firefighting turn-out gear (full bunker gear), and respiratory protection (SCBA). With over 40 percent of truck downtime being related to cooling system failure, it just doesn't pay to run cheap engine system coolant. Make sure it is a high-quality coolant recommended for aluminum engines. 2014. If it is not available, you may use another major-brand non-silicate coolant as a temporary replacement. 7 Handling and storage Handling Precautions for safe handling Keep container tightly sealed. Revision  Emergency and Hazards Overview. Other Antifreeze, or coolant, helps to keep your engine at the proper temperature and prevent corrosion. Page 1 of 8. OEM antifreeze/coolant provides superior corrosion protection ensuring a longer service life than lower priced one-size-fits-all coolant brands. COOLANT). In order for coolant to work properly, it must be mixed per the instructions and recommendations of your engine's manufacturer. 05. 1/5. Zerex® G-05® Formula ANTIFREEZE. Evans Powersports waterless engine coolant is designed for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and snowmobiles. If symptoms develop, seek urgent medial attention. ES Coolant Additive. Safety Data Sheet according to Federal Register / Vol. . Ultra Coolant's unique formulation allows for long life, excellent cooling performance, and improved compressor efficiency. Common antifreezes increase the boiling point of the liquid, allowing higher coolant temperature. COOLANOL. product identifier – torch coolant 30% pG mixture Global Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is recommended for use in all makes and models of foreign and domestic passenger vehicles and light duty trucks. SAFETY DATA SHEET Revision Date: 06/15/2015 Print Date: 7/10/2015 SDS Number: R0368895 Zerex™ HD EXTENDED LIFE RTU ANTIFREEZE COOLANT ZXEDRU1 Version: 1. au However, the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) contains valuable information critical to the safe handling and proper use MSDS Liquid Ice HPX Coolant Author: Michael Whether you need a chlorinated bio-stabile micro-emulsion for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, an extreme pressure fortified soluble oil for multi-metal machining or a low-foaming, high-performance fluid that won’t stain aluminum, Wallover has a specifically formulated machining coolant for your application. 77, No . 23 Mar 2015 Yanmar Genuine Engine Coolant Pre-Mixed. Delo® ELC Antifreeze/Coolant — Continued PRODUCT REFERENCE Note: Bitterant is a flavor aversive that may help reduce the accidental ingestion of this product. · Article number: ARD080008. Emergency  Material data safety sheets for Fleetguard coolants, Restore coolant cleaner and DCA4 additives. 2005 Supersedes MSDS dated : - - Prevention of user exposure : Ventilate extensively if the formation of vapour, fumes, mist or aerosol is a risk. There are no stabilizers or impurities that contribute to the classification of the material identified in section 2. EU DIRECTIVES Product: Anti-Freeze/ Anti-Boil Coolant Supplier: Marque Lubricants Section 4: FIRST AID (cont) Inhalation Leave area of exposure. If medical care will be delayed several hours, give the patient three to four 1-ounce oral "shots" of 86-proof or higher whiskey before or during transport to the Mobil Coolant ready mixed is a high performance coolant designed to provide efficient protection down to -36°C during winter condition. 1. Learn about PEAK Antifreeze Coolant and more PEAK Performance Products here. MSDS – Dakota Prep Concentrate – 20090310. Fluid Partnerships Making a World of Difference . Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Use of the substance/mixture : Automotive Engine Antifreeze & Coolant 1. Print date: 06. SDS ID:. Northbrook  PRIME® ALL VEHICLE ANTIFREEZE. Our excellent team and drive to be the best allows us to consistently push the limits of the latest science and developments to ensure that you are getting the best products for your needs. ZXG051. torch coolant 30% pG mixture. 07. SDS are available according to the legal requirements for specific regions around the world. ) Carbide Processors 331 machine coolant. Propylene Glycol Antifreeze and Engine Coolant is a safe, universal glycol antifreeze offering maximum service life. 2015 Print Date: 13. SAFETY DATA SHEET. 25, Jalan TPP 1/13, Taman Perindustrian  AdBlue-MSDS · SCR-40-MSDS · AC7-HD-Diesel-Coolant-Type-A-50%-Premix- MSDS · AC-8-Hybrid-Coolant-MSDS AC31 - Non-Silicone Tyre Shine MSDS. * SAFETY DATA SHEET Issued by: Total Oil Australia Pty Ltd Phone: +61 (03) 9861 8600 Poisons Information Centre: 13 11 26 from anywhere in Australia, (0800 764 766 in New Zealand) Section 1 - Identification of The Material and Supplier Product Name: COOLTECH LLO COOLANT CONCENTRATE Product Use: Engine coolant. Use apron or overalls if splashing is expected. If assisting a victim, avoid becoming a casualty, wear a Type A (organic vapour) respirator (or Air-line respirator in poorly ventilated areas). Fronius International GmbH according to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet. This coolant is pre-mixed with 50 percent antifreeze and 50 percent water. Coolant Control has been a leading provider in chemicals and coolant additives for a variety of industries since 1974. ES Compleat PG Premix (Propylene glycol based coolant). · Manufacturer/Supplier:. Eventually, proper maintenance will include a complete coolant system flush and refill. It also protects against the effects of general corrosion, ensuring efficient engine coolant circulation. You can find SDS information here. According to federal law, manufacturers and importers of chemical products must produce a MSDS for each hazardous chemical they produce or import. The life of an engine, particularly high performance diesel engines, can be shortened or suffer damage, by not using the right antifreeze/coolant and not maintaining the correct levels in the cooling system. Prestone® is the number one branded consumer choice for antifreeze/coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid in North America. Section 1 PRODUCT AND COMPANY  Trade name: NOVACAN GRINDER COOLANT. It has been used by race teams around the world for years to keep their engines safe, no matter what the conditions. 100 Valvoline Way. Our global teams create value for modern manufacturers by delivering innovative and sustainable fluid solutions that increase their profitability and product quality while minimizing risks. product identifier product name antifreeze Because product handling and safety information is critical to your business, Cummins Filtration provides comprehensive Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for your convenience. Extended Life Anti-Freeze/Coolant MSDS : 10299 contaminated soil. Supplier`s Name. There are a lot of really bad MSDS. Fleetcool  Antifreeze Coolant. R-100 is free of oil and grease while remaining transparent in both hard and soft water. Premixed 50/50. Alliance Truck Parts pre-charged coolant is specially formulated to provide cavitation protection and reduce corrosion throughout your entire coolant system. Old World Industries, LLC. Cool-Gard II™ PG Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Summer Coolant Pre-Mix. Product Name: TOYOTA LONG LIFE ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT Revision Date: 17 Mar 2015 Page 4 of 11 _____ NOTIFICATION PROCEDURES In the event of a spill or accidental release, notify relevant authorities in accordance with all applicable A coolant flush and fill is a maintenance must that can be performed in your garage or driveway. SDS ID: SDS675. Road Choice Green 5050 Prediluted Antifreeze and Coolant (French) Road Choice Green 5050 Prediluted Antifreeze and Coolant… Material Safety Data Sheet According to OSHA and ANSI Printing date 08/25/2011 Reviewed on 08/22/2011 Product name: Ethylene glycol (Contd. Coolant. WaterWetter ® Coolant Additives These products include a unique agent that lowers temperatures by reducing or eliminating bubbles or vapor barrier that form on hot metal surfaces Home / Product name : Peak Long Life Concentrate Antifreeze & Coolant 1. Fluid Film. net. Revision Date: 06/13/  15 Feb 2016 Safety Data Sheet. ESAB takes safety seriously. UltraLite™ Radiator Coolant Leak Tracer Dye. Infosafe No. Caterpillar offers the right coolant to meet the needs of your machine or fleet. MSDS sheet PRESTONE ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT MSDSP149 6 resulted in maternal toxicity (1,000 and 2,500 mg/m3) and developmental toxicity in with minimal evidence of teratogenicity (2,500 mg/m3). Additional therapeutic modalities which may decrease the adverse consequences of ethylene glycol metabolism are the administration of both thiamine and pyridoxine. Product Name. Put an end to that nasty rotten egg smell. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Use of the substance/mixture : Antifreeze & Coolant 1. - Prevents overheating - Antifreeze - Usable in all vehicles manufactured by MITSUBISHI MOTORS. Lexington, KY 40509. Place contaminated materials in disposable containers and dispose of in a manner consistent with applicable regulations. S13 Keep away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs. Coolant and antifreeze; heat transfer agent; brake fluids; solvent; humectant. 453/2010. Plasma systems. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET: COOLANT®. It is a balanced blend of ethylene glycol and superior corrosion inhibitors that elevate the boiling point and prevent freezing of the coolant. 2. Northbrook, IL 60062 - USA MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET MSDS NO: MSDS ACDELCO1L 1L DEX-COOL® EXTENDED LIFE (RED) ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT Page 2 of 7 ACDELCO® PART NO. 3 7 / 18 Choose body protection according to the amount and concentration of the dangerous substance at the work place. Coolant does raises the boiling point of the cooling system in safety data sheet antifreeze section 1: identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking 1. Date SAfety DAtA SHeet revision. 92147598 Date of Issue: August 2010 HFILE: MSDS ACDELCO1L - ISS AUG 2010 4. Revision Date: May 7, 2015. COMMON NAME and SYNONYM: Coolant. 13 Jul 2015 WOLF COOLANT -36°C LONGLIFE G13. P a g e | 1. DO NOT direct a solid stream of water or foam into hot, burning pools of liquid since this may cause frothing and increase fire intensity. Universal Antifreeze/Coolant Safety Data Sheet Product Identifier Universal Antifreeze/Coolant Other Means of Identification 16-242, 16-244, 16-245, 26-248, 26-248-1000, 26-248PC, 35-249FS, 36-241SO, Most antifreeze is sold full strength and must be diluted with water. Evans Powersports Coolant. For 100 years, we have been developing, producing and delivering high-quality lubricants for processing metal, glass and ceramics. Coast Guard's National Response Center at (800) 424-8802 as appropriate or required. SECTION 1: CHEMICAL PRODUCT & COMPANY INFORMATION. MSDS : 36149. · Trade name: Torch Coolant 30% PG Mixture Details of the supplier of the Safety Data Sheet. MSDS – Dakota Combined. We put our word behind these. LIQ-702 Coolant Fluid. :LT16587a MSDS Revision Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 03/06/2009 Page 3 of 8 Ensure spilled product does not enter drains, sewers, waterways, or confined spaces. To help extend the life of your coolant, Caterpillar also has a variety of additives that allow you to extend your drain intervals, saving both time and money. 22550 Page 2 of 5 Date : NISSAN Blue Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant SECTION III - HEALTH INFORMATION Inhalation: Breathing excessive levels of the vapor or mist can irritate the respiratory tract. Product And Company Identification. Version: 1. KMG23116-KMG23218 Antifreeze Reference Chart B type, color and application Fleet Charge® ® SCA Pre-charged Antifreeze/Coolant Final Charge Global ® Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant ZEREX ® Asian Vehicle Antifreeze/Coolant Pentofrost A1 Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant Pentofrost®E Antifreeze/Coolant Beck/Arnley® Extended Life Blue Antifreeze/Coolant Beck/Arnley® Email: msds@brownart. HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS:None of the ingredients in SSR Ultra Coolant have been listed OAT EXTENDED LIFE COOLANT/ANTIFREEZE. It is a ready to use product that has been premixed with 50% Mobil Antifreeze and 50% water. 108247AM Page2 of 6 Date : 10/3/2005 HONDA ALL SEASON ANTIFREEZE / COOLANT TYPE 2 SECTION III - HEALTH INFORMATION Inhalation : Breathing excessive levels of the vapor or mist can irritate the respiratory tract. S46 If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. koolance. Antifreeze has a higher boiling point and lower freeze point than water. All Fire Extinguishers. Conforms to ANSI Z400. : SERVICE BEST B. 1-2004 Standard. - - - FOR DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY SEE FINAL PAGE - - -. To ensure maximum performance from your vehicle's heating and cooling systems, you should keep your fluids topped off. SAFETY  9 Nov 2015 SAFETY DATA SHEET. 2 Relevant identified use of the solution and uses advised against: A coolant and lubricant for diamond glass . Chemical Product and Company Identification. We expect you to follow the precautions identified in this document unless your use conditions would necessitate other Evans Powersports Coolant. Revision D. ANTIFREEZE. Year Round Treatment. KMNAS 8OZ – 1 Gallon – 5 Gallon. Oemeta coolant products . ES Compleat OAT EG may be used with non-chemical Extended Service Interval (ESI) water filters . De Run 4271. Product identifier. SPECS & SDS Specification docs and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for our entire family of PEAK Commercial & Industrial products. Northbrook, IL 60062 - USA T (847) 559-2000 COOLANT. 2 Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised  26 Jan 2017 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET: UNI-FLO COOLANT OIL. 04. Fill out the SDS Feedback form. CAT ® ELC (Extended Life Coolant) MSDS Your new online (M)SDS binder is a place for you to store the material safety data sheets you need to deploy. This information is sent directly to the Ford SDS Help Desk for immediate attention. Fleetguard – Material Safety Data Sheet's (MSDS). It does not require any additional mixing. KM31412-KM34560. MSDS: 16828. Shell Rotella ® ELC Nitrite Free Coolants – A high quality, extended life, nitrite free antifreeze/coolant (AFC) designed to meet the latest trend in commercial and diesel engines away from nitrited AFC. 23 Dec 2015 The latest C1000 Opaque Coolant launched by Thermaltake is used as anti- corrosion protection fluid *MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet  5 %. Find this and other Valvoline products you need to keep your engine running smoothly. 58 / Monday, March 26, 2012 / Rules and Regulations. Hand Cleaner. KM121422. SECTION 1 PRODUCT AND COMPANY  ACCESS OUR (M)SDS HERE · PRIVATE BRAND OWNER LOGIN (NEW User name and password required) Contact your Recochem Sales Representative  16 Mar 2017 SAFETY DATA SHEET. If swallowed, IMMEDIATELY contact a poison control center,  BASF Safety data sheet according to Regulation (EC) No. Product:  A Material Safety Data Sheet provides information for safe handling and BESCO LLC SUPER TYPE AS | Engine Coolant (Expires May 2021); BESCO GEAR  PEAK ReadyUse 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze &. Manufactured in Germany, Oemeta Coolant products use innovative solutions to extend tool and machine life, as well as reduce environmental waste all while saving you money. Protective Clothing. 1 4 / 17 glycol is 3 hours. Never fill or top off with full concentrate G13 or G12 VW coolant. 01CLP. PRODUCT NAME: Prime by Prestone® Antifreeze / Coolant  LCGL48 Glycerine Antifreeze Premix. Page :4 Revised edition no : 02 Effective Date: 12-7-2014 13 Disposal Considerations - The following advice only applies to the product as Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are forms with data regarding the properties of a particular substance. It is the heavy-duty cooling system solution that can extend service intervals and reduce service and maintenance costs. Also see our Article on Machine Coolant Health and Safety, or refer back to the Machine Coolant Index for more Articles. · 1. Maintaining the integrity of your automotive antifreeze/coolant is critical to engine protection. Product Identifier. Oemeta stands for products "Made in Germany". ES Compleat™ OAT (Organic Acid Technology) is a Life-of-the-Engine organic additive fully formulated extended life Ethylene Glycol (EG) antifreeze/coolant. Product name : Peak Long Life Concentrate Antifreeze & Coolant 1. +1 619 449 5000. Reco-Cool HD Premium Pre -Diluted-N Concentrate Antifreeze Coolant · Reco-Cool HD Premium-N PG 50  13 Jul 2016 Product identifier. The FINAL CHARGE® Global Extended Life Coolant program provides total cooling system protection for all diesel, gasoline, on-road and off-road vehicles. An antifreeze is an additive which lowers the freezing point of a water-based liquid. If necessary, dike well ahead of the spill to prevent runoff into drains, sewers, or any natural waterway or drinking supply. An antifreeze mixture is used to achieve freezing-point depression for cold environments. Date Prepared: 09/24/2015. Antifreeze-Coolant, Petro-Canada Heavy Duty Antifreeze-Coolant, Pre-Mix Antifreeze, Petro-Canada Premium Radiator Antifreeze. : MSDS authored by. Page 1 of 8 . MSDS Revision Date (dd/mm/ yyyy): 03/06/2009. Issue date: 09. Material Safety Data Sheet. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET: UNI-FLO COOLANT OIL 3 SKIN PROTECTION: Use chemical resistant gloves and long sleeves to minimize skin exposure. SECTION 1 IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/MIXTURE  Read the MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet, that is available for all Valvoline products and contains safety and treatment information. 19 May 2017 Coolant and antifreeze. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION:Inhibited polyoxyalkylene glycol/pentaerythritol ester blend (100%) 2. Provides excellent protection against Coolant Safety Data Sheets (SDS), click to view. · Trade name: COOLANT G11. If you wish to change the market please choose another country from the list above. US Safety Data Sheet Date of issue / Reference 08/31/2006 pd Replaces version of 06/26/2006 pd Date of printing 05/03/2007 Sheet No. A: You can download our SDS / MSDS Data Sheet by clicking on the language you prefer below: (US) ENGLISH “US Safety Data Sheet in English” Click HERE to download Safety Data Sheet Supply Co. Use our safety data sheets search engine to find information on all our products. Join BMW, Audi, Toyota, & Volkswagen in making Oemeta the coolant in your shop! Automobile radiator coolant/Engine coolant. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. A Material safety data sheets (MSDS) is supplied by the manufacturer of a product and is intended to give customers, workers and emergency personnel the procedures they need to handle or work safely with the substance. 12 Dec 2014 Trade name: PETRYGO PRIME Radiator Coolant. Valvoline™ ZEREX™ Original Green Antifreeze / Coolant provides superior cooling system protection. Home of the PEAK DIY Auto Info Center! Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) These documents are required for specific products by United States Federal Law, 29 CFR 1910. 5503 LM VELDHOVEN. Reporting: Report spills to local authorities and/or the U. Other Means of. DO NOT mix normal tap water with coolant. John Deere Cool-Gard II PG pre-mix antifreeze/coolant is a 60/40 mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and deionized water. Safe to handle and easy to use Eliminates coolant odors immediately by neutralizing hydrogen sulfide gases Not a perfume No disposal problems Contains no formaldehyde Safer and less expensive than biocides 1 tablet per week maintains 25 gallons of coolant 15 tablets per tube Request Material […] Hangsterfer’s R-100 is a full synthetic machining and grinding coolant. Other companies are Checking up on your coolant is easy to forget, but an engine’s coolant is just as important as oil when it comes to your car. Page 1 of 7. :LT16587a. 58 / Monday, March 26, 2012 / Rules   MSDS are available according to the legal requirements for specific regions around the world. Coolant does raises the boiling point of the cooling system in Checking up on your coolant is easy to forget, but an engine’s coolant is just as important as oil when it comes to your car. Antifreeze and coolants role in maintaining maximum engine performance is extremely important. PRESTONE ® ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT. 2015 INGERSOLL RAND encourages and expects you to read and understand the entire (M)SDS, as there is important information throughout the document. NAPA Antifreeze & Coolant MSDS Your new online (M)SDS binder is a place for you to store the material safety data sheets you need to deploy. 13 Jul 2015 SAFETY DATA SHEET. Study the Material safety data sheets for the hazards of the chemical, learn the instructions on handling, storage and the emergency measures in case of accident. - CUTTING TOOL COOLANT Document Nbr: 067598 Class C Parts IDs BD1128,BD1128-1 SAFETY DATA SHEET BD1128-----SECTION 1. 1907/2006 with further amendments. 21 May 2014 Delo XLC Antifreeze/Coolant -. Valvoline™ ZEREX™ G-05™ Antifreeze / Coolant uses organic acid-based chemistry to provide the ultimate protection against rust and corrosion. Liver, kidney and brain damage in humans has resulted from swallowing lethal or near-lethal amounts of ethylene glycol. Date Prepared: 07/30/2013. Safety Data Sheet according to Regulation (EC) No. Extended Life Coolants as well as Conventional coolant/antifreeze are found in our portfolio of products. of page 2) DR See Section 13 for disposal information. Relevant identified uses  Material Safety Data Sheet on Machine Coolant. Hypertherm. 835 COOLANT-F Page 1 of 5 Company MOTOREX AG LANGENTHAL, Schmiertechnik, CH-4901 MITSUBISHI SUPER LONG LIFE COOLANT achieves excellent performance that is required: - Lasts longer - Minimum Replacement Interval - 4 Years or 60,000km - Prevents metal corrosion of the cooling system for a long period of time. Valvoline LLC. Product name : TOTAL COOLANT MSDS number : 110209-05 Version : 0 Date : 12. Because product handling and safety information is critical to your business, Cummins Filtration provides comprehensive Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for your convenience. Note: This contact portal is only for questions or comments concerning Motorcraft Service Chemicals and Lubricants. 1200. Backed by PEAK's Radiator Guarantee. MSDS contains all of the information Product name: Ingersoll Rand Ultra Coolant Issue Date: 02. Prestone antifreeze / coolant RTU SAFETY PHRASES S2 Keep out of the reach of children. 6 Dec 2010. Issued by: GM HOLDEN LTD. 4065 Commercial Ave. NFPA. 7 Feb 2012 MSDS Number: R0296766. 24 Apr 2015 Coolant. SDS501 PRESTONE ® ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT Date Prepared: 09/24/2015 Page 3 of 8 monitoring than ethanol. FIRST AID MEASURES Ensure physician has access to this MSDS. Date of issue: 14/10/2014. Take our free online course to learn how to to properly apply and use your MSDS. : LQ3YZ. Koolance SDS – LIQ-702 Coolant Fluid www. As ‘The Coolant Company’, we specialise in water-miscible coolants, and we provide individual, tailor-made solutions for your business all over the world. Nitrite free AFC improves protection of aluminum heat exchangers (radiators and heater cores). As there are complicated and serious overdoses, we COOLANT PRE-MIXED RADIATOR FLUID SAFETY DATA SHEET MSDS No: Product Name: ABN: 40 959 725 049 Manufacturers Code: Date: COOLANT PRE-MIXED RADIATOR FLUID PM1, PM5, PM20, PM205 January 2018 QUICK SMART PRODUCTS 53 ASSEMBLY DRIVE TULLAMARINE VIC 3043 Ph: (03) 9338 6655 (BH) Fax: (03) 9335 2598 Email: qsmart@bigpond. 5 Swallowing this material may be harmful. These products contain bitterant. Dominator Coolant Boost provides effective heat transferring abilities and enhanced corrosion protection. Ultra Coolant is an engineered polyglycol based coolant designed to achieve peak compressor performance for contact cooled rotary screw air compressors - even at the highest temperatures. MSDS Dakota Shine Aerosol. coolant msds

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